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Amazing images you've probably never seen before

A recently surfaced photo of Einstein with Schrödinger's cat. The badly damaged black and white photo was digitally reconstructed in a complex process.


A cross between a cat and a fish, leaked photo from a Chinese gene laboratory. If you believe the leaker, Xi Jinping has commissioned an entire menagerie. His private zoo is said to be in Hubei province, very close to the city of Wuhan, which made the headlines because of Corona.


Sensation: A previously unknown Kandinsky discovered in the attic. This is one of Kandinsky's extremely rare excursions into the representational. Coming soon to Sotheby's.


Medusa on screen. That's what happens when you don't take a break from time to time. Medusa was originally a haunting beauty, but was transformed into the beast pictured here by Pallas Athene after a me-too incident with Poseidon.


Unfortunately, Ms. S. from F. can never remember the content of her recurring nightmare. Ms. S. should go to a sleep laboratory where it will be determined whether a physical illness is present. If this is not the case, psychotherapy can help.


Snow Queen or Ice Princess? That is the question. Whether it be nobler in spirit to endure the cold, or, arming oneself against the chill, to end it by resisting it, and knowing that a sleep ends the heartbreak.


Putin visits Russian nuclear power plant. Experts disagree on whether it was a double. Putin is always careful to keep his distance, which suggests a double here. Maybe the photo is just one of the many fakes that are made with the help of AI.


Admittedly, this picture is a fake! However, it might be interesting to listen to the two luminaries arguing about gravity. And it might not be very easy for Einstein to explain to Newton what a tablet is.
Long live the thought experiment!


To finish, it just had to be a robot woman. But without the physiognomy of a robot. On the contrary! This is what Joan of Arc could have looked like (if you forget all the metal). Or the angel guarding the holy grail of artificial intelligence.

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