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Ever heard of David Holz? No? Then please read on. David Holz studied mathematics and physics at the University of North Carolina and, in addition to his doctorate in applied mathematics, also worked at NASA Langley and the Max Planck Institute. In 2008, Holz founded Leap Motion, a company that created a new user interface based on hand gestures and video recordings. Holz sold Leap Motion to Ultrahaptics in 2019.

Fascinated by the ability of artificial intelligence to generate images using text instructions, he founded Midjourney in 2022. With Midjourney (and also programs like DALL-E and you don't have to be an artist or an illustrator to create pictures; it is enough if one is able to describe the desired image.

If I tell Midjourney: Take a picture of my little daughter riding our St. Bernard and I'll get the picture in a few seconds. Or an illustration. Or an oil painting. The fact is: I don't have a little daughter. And no St. Bernard either. And David Holz didn't visit us in Hanover either. He would be welcome anytime.

Here are the original prompts for the images on the right:
Take a photo of my little daughter riding on our St. Bernard

Below: Holz playing with my little daughter and our St. Bernard

I also gave Midjourney a photo of David and the photo of my daughter on the St. Bernard (the italics in the prompt).


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