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In 1964, in Luxembourg, I placed 6th (out of 899 participants) in an essay competition organized by BP. From today's perspective, a clear indication of my later career as a copywriter.

In 1987 I received an award from the Prix Ars Electronica for the graphic "Trichter".

The "Funnel" graphic results from the repeated application of a direction-alternating scaling function to a triangular shape.

Source: Masterpieces of computer art, Prix Ars Electronica '88, TMS-Verlag-Bremen


1989: First prize in the US computer graphics competition "Artitudes", New York, for "Ferrari GTB"


1990: First prize in the US computer graphics competition "Art Horizon", New York, for "Floppy Disk Lady"


In 2001, one of my molecules made the cover of Time

Oil Pictures2.jpg

All mid-journey pictures? In the style of? no way. All painted in oil. Used to be a hobby of mine. Kudos to Earne Kollar for teaching me this.

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