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About me

Describing yourself is uncomfortable. So I asked GPT-4  to write a text about me. Here it is:


Based on web search results, Norbert Speicher is a **Luxembourg-born scientific illustrator** who lives in Hannover, Germany. He is the founder of **Laguna Design**, a company that produces 3D illustrations and molecular models. He has a degree in engineering and has worked as a programmer, marketer, and copywriter. He sells his illustrations through Science Photo Library. He also has a phone number and an address listed on his website.

Surprisingly, everything ChatGPT writes there is correct; however, this could have been figured out without artificial intelligence. And a few things are missing. Here they are:

After studying mechanical engineering in Munich, I was an assembler programmer at Siemens, a marketing specialist at Honeywell Bull, and a market researcher at Siemens and at IDC.

From 1977 I was self-employed and produced advertising texts for about 25 years, mainly for Siemens. I then very slowly slipped into graphics, bought a graphics computer and in 1987 received an award from the Prix Ars Electronica.



I then got into 3D computer graphics very quickly and worked completely unenthusiastically with MODO for a few years.. From today's perspective, the 3D business is an extremely tedious affair. I discovered the world of molecules and found that 3D molecular representations are relatively easy to make. I don't know exactly how many molecules I have represented in 3D so far, but out of the 14,000 pictures I have at the Science Photo Library in London, at least 12,000 of them are molecules.



Eventually, a crippling molecular fatigue overcame me. I got rid of it by getting into extreme macro photography. Macro photography is beautiful, but makes a lot of work. Karl Valentin said something similar about art, but this is no longer true since the advent of AI programs.


There was something wonderful about encountering Midjourney. I had never achieved such results in a few minutes.


Fractals have always fascinated me. My first fractal on an Atari 800 took a week. The NerveCell_Abstract 1 fractal is one of my best sellers.

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